Forever Black Black-Top Gel and Foam Applicator

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Part Number:FB813
Forever BLACK Black-Top gel will rejuvenate your faded sun-damaged tops (vinyl, convertible, bimini and soft tops) to a rich black luster. This environmentally friendly, silicone-free, black-pigmented polymer will keep your vehicle in tip "top" condition. With built-in U.V. protectants, Black-Top gel will protect your top from further sun damage.

1. Dispense small amount of gel to applicator sponge.
2. Apply evenly and consistently to entire surface.
3. Allow approximately 15 minutes to dry.

Lasts up to 12 months, may vary depending on location and environmental elements.

Use on:
  • Convertible tops
  • Vinyl tops
  • Soft tops
  • Bimini tops
  • Black pigmented color
  • Water based
  • Silicone and oil free
  • Environmentally safe
  • Won't attract dust
  • Dries in minutes
  • Protects against UV damage
  • Water resistent

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